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  • Here at Dream Sports, we are forging ahead with the assumption that the NFL will play all of their games as scheduled starting in September. But there is obviously some uncertainty regarding all future sporting events, and we realize the NFL season could potentially be postponed, canceled, or only play a partial season. With that in mind, here is our purchase policy:

    If you have paid for your Team(s) and the NFL cancels the season completely, then your Team payment(s) will be automatically carried over to next season.

    If the NFL plays at least 7 weeks of the season (whether it is a continuous 7 weeks or broken up into several periods), then we will consider it to be a full season, and your team purchase will be considered as payment for the current fantasy season as usual. If the NFL plays at least 1 week, but less than 7 weeks, then we will consider it to be a partial season, and your team payment(s) will be carried over to the next season.

    Regardless of what happens with the NFL this season, we will continue to operate our leagues as usual, so you will have full access to your league for the entire fantasy season. This means you can manage your rosters (by making waiver moves and trades, and conducting drafts and auctions as needed). You can also use the league message board, chat, polls, articles, etc. to keep in touch with all of the owners and keep them engaged in the league. All of your league information will be maintained and ready to go, no matter what happens with the current NFL season. If there aren't any games played, then stats and scores will not be updated, but otherwise everything else in your league will be available.

    Hopefully this helps clarify the Dream Sports Fantasy Football season for you. We'll provide more guidance in the future as needed to help you deal with contingencies for your Team(s) if it starts looking like the season could be postponed or interrupted. In the meantime, keep in mind that we have full support for on-line drafts.

    Be well, stay safe!
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