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  • Waivers info / instructions.

  • Note: If you traded 1 player for 2, and now have too many, you must drop a player. You will NOT be able to submit Waivers OR a Lineup if your Roster is over the Roster limit.

    * See your email for info on Pre-season Waivers.

  • In Season Waiver rounds: Starting after Week #1 in the NFL, and all during our regular season, Waiver requests are due by each Tuesday and Wednesday evening (check your League Calendar link for exact times).

  • The selection order for Waivers during the season goes in reverse order of the current year-to-date record of each team. (tiebreaker = least points scored).

  • There are 2 rounds, and they are processed seperately.

  • We process the Waivers each Tuesday and Wednesday evening, and post the results immediately. (you will also receive an e-mail as they are processed)

  • The Waiver "slots" cannot be traded.

  • Remember to drop a player if you will be over the Roster limit. If no player was listed to drop, and you have a full Roster, you will not get your Waiver selection.

  • A player dropped from a team on Tuesday IS eligible to be picked up on the Waiver wire on Wednesday.

  • Week #14 is the final week for Waiver transactions (The Tuesday and Wednesday of week 14).

  • Step-by-step instructions:

  • * Start from your usual starting point of : League Webpages

    * Click on your league name.

    * On the next page, click on your Team name, then click on the "Add/Drop Players" link.

    1 - From the "Select Player To Add" list, select the player you would like to pick up.

    2 - From the "Select Player To Drop" list, select the player from your roster that you would like to drop.

    3 - Click on the "Submit Request" button.

    4 - Repeat steps 1 through 3 above for any additional selections you'd like to attempt to get in this round.

    5 - Once you're done, you may change the priority order for your picks using the "Move Pick Up" and "Move Pick Down" buttons. Or, you may remove a pick by clicking on the "Delete" button.

    6 - Optionally, if you'd like to make picks for round 2, you can copy any Round 1 picks to Round 2 and/or change the Round number on the pulldown button.
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